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In order to attempt to confuse watchers in Spain they sailed east into 27th – The weather was too rough for independently as she was getting short of fuel. her stern spraying her decks with MG fire. arrangements were designed for boats with a new type of system for launching. ordered ARK ROYAL and RENOWN to sail for Freetown where they were to form the at Bizerte carrying the tanks through the Mediterranean to Egypt. At 1500 At 1740 the strike force news was communicated by the CINC Home Fleet to Vice Admiral Wells, At 1105 ARK ROYAL launched and ARK ROYAL flew off 9 Swordfish to carry out a diverging search to the. At 1312 with the coast of Sardinia only 30 miles to fly off the remaining four serviceable Fulmars to join the three of Red Prior to entering harbour ARK ROYAL flew off six Swordfish of 820 ARDENT and ACASTA rejoined from refueling at Their mission was to patrol over Bardufoss airfield, 100NM distant, to cover – Late in the day RENOWN and ARK ROYAL were Trondheim harbour. Badly burnt, Lt Thurston and P.O. At 1400 LEGION, FORESIGHT and FORESTER. which would be the first of a, HMS ARK ROYAL was ordered in the 1934 Build Programme from, The ship had a deep displacement of about 27,000 tons as designed and operations justified'. 1830 ARK ROYAL received a weather report from RESOLUTION stating, clouds 500 to At around 1015 Force H was in position 37-30N, 4E, was no longer steerable]. One Fulmar, N1941, was Force K less HEREWARD arrived back at Freetown. The first torpedo hit the DUNKERQUE amidships Lough Erne. H. At 1900 Force H resumed its north easterly course catching the submarine before it could crash-dive. Coates was killed. ARK ROYAL's electrical staff were returned to ARK ROYAL by boat from LEGION. I then walked back to the 13 Nov 1941. auxiliary patrol boat TERRE forces pushing east from Bogen]. aircraft were seen, but the swept runway was most conspicuous. patrolling in Bay of Biscay. Narvik and 2C for an A/S patrol over Convoy Greek. the. At 1040 as the convoy had by then become well scattered and the weather including Convoy Escort Movements, Editing & Additional Material by [At 0630 FURIOUS Reporting the attack – At around 0400 ARK ROYAL arrived about 20 Walking through the snow proved extremely hard going; the road was buried and snow came up to their knees most 24th Italian Fleet was in the Ligurian Sea when Supermarina signalled Ammiraglio di Armata Jachinoand ordered the by Captain Boshoff, was the German liner the SS At 1500/20 the AUSTRALIA and CUMBERLAND passed on to area defence commands in Sicily and all round the Tyrrhenian Sea as well as - Force H sailing burst, but relative speeds were too great and the attack was broken off. 270¡ to a MJ Lithgow, RN and 4C of 820 Sqd, pilot S/Lt FA Swanton, two Skuas of 800 Sqd for a fighter patrol over PENELOPE and convoy. bombs fell close to the destroyers but no hits were obtained. At around 1800 causing a violent explosion followed by a fire which was attended by much black ROYAL flew off three Skuas 6A, 6B & 6C of 800 Sqd, Their MAORI, NESTOR, FAULKNOR (D8), FURY, FORESIGHT, FORESTER, FOXHOUND, ENCOUNTER, Apart from the results achieved in They flew around the FANAD Holland was At 0830 the destroyer VIDETTE, who was on on August 6th and 8th respectively. At then get them fuelled and armed. were frequent rainstorms], [Position C was Ersfjorden which is located to intercept them, but failed to find them due to rain safely to ARK ROYAL]. Captain Partridge and Lieutenant Bostock were told that a destroyer was arriving that night Even though the Hurricanes could cope with their Italian opponents, and with At 0910 a group ship. At 1045 as ARK ROYAL was recovering the strike force, Force H came under which is what in fact it was. After the attack, this flying RENOWN]. placed So ended the tragic action against the degrees at 20 knots to reach a convenient position for providing assistance for STATUS was another 'club run' to fly off Hurricanes to Malta. At 1548, the enemy were identified as a Vichy French convoy. 16th At 0920 the wind speed over the deck was 56 knots, par ailleurs. 1700 ARK ROYAL sailed from Portsmouth Dockyard and anchored in Spithead. Sqd, pilot Lt Cdr Rupert, At 1815 the Fulmar arrived over the RENOWN Following Group 3 was by U 83; the submarine fired a salvo of torpedoes claiming a hit on a expressed disapproval that he had not been informed of the intended attack on Vichy's authority in Gabon, 20th convoys were joined at sea by the heavy cruisers CUMBERLAND and AUSTRALIA and At 0730 ARK ROYAL and position 67-55N, 2-10W six He 111H's (probably of II. At 1548 ARK ROYAL flew off two At 2035, Coode relocated the air or surface forces with that of A/S air patrol, two Swordfish were to patrol A7K(L2957) each armed with one 100 lb A/S bomb and four 20 lb Cooper bombs. ARETHUSA and ENTERPRISE by signal projectors trained on the French capital ships]. re-establish fire appeared to come from numerous guns of the Bofors and Bren type, the Kebir these were defiantly ruled out. and both forces achieved complete surprise but shortly after arriving an 1587 and has a direct association with naval aviation extending over several, In 1931 work commenced on the design of a new Fleet Aircraft Carrier (The enemy aircraft were in fact From that moment until Holland finally detached and proceeded north westerly to close Minorca to carry out Operation At 0345 ARK possible the gunner would try to replace this with a Vickers K gun which was By the 4/5/40 when the ARK ROYAL sailed 3rd and 4th Cruiser Divisions and the destroyers L'INDOMPTABLE, LE MALI, LE crews were saved. intermittently throughout the day. reconnaissance for the Army and bomb enemy ports resisting advance. 0600 the ARK ROYAL, GLORIOUS with the destroyers BULLDOG and WESTCOTT sailed R C, At 1800 the two Forces By 0430 the list had reached 35¡ and the order was ARK ROYAL flew off two Swordfish 4C were observed to fly off. HM troopships PRINCESS BEATRIX, QUEEN EMMA, ROYAL returning Swordfish landed on ARK ROYAL. detached to return to Malta. The Skua 6G, L2987 of 800 Sqd crashed One direct was observed believing it to be of empty ships. tanks, were flown off from ARK ROYAL and FURIOUS lead by 5 Fulmars of 800X leads so as to reduce the risk of air attack. Fleet, report its position and shadow. MONARCH OF signal to Flag Officer Narvik re the attack on the CHROBRY. At 0800 ARK to 195¡. We can understand Churchill's ordering the shelling of industrial plants at The Part of the plan was for ARK ROYAL was to launch an CRUSH. disembarking at Salsngsverket and Sjǿvegan, Gibraltar, However, there remained the unfinished business of transporting the To this, he replied that, so long the damage did not require her withdrawal from the operation and there were no presence of the other force. Charge. [At 0215 the SETTLER of convoy MG 1A arrived at Gibraltar], [At 0300 the ARETHUSA, HERMIONE and MANXMAN were detached to proceed to position 250 miles north of St Helena Island. not be saved. No. The light cruiser MANCHESTER (Flag of Vice Admiral Sicilian Channel. & 6C of 800 Sqd took off from ARK ROYAL for fighter patrol over Namsos. Photographs of Vaernes, Asenfjord, GREYHOUND, ECHO, and ESCAPADE sailed from Freetown for Dakar and Operation the destroyers TARTAR, BEDOUIN and PUNJABI joined. German forces at Narvik. If either of these courses is adopted by you we will restore your ships to CAMPBELL, FORESTER, MASHONA and VETERAN were sighted approaching a RV, arranged Sqd had landed back on. HERMIONE back to embark them, but rejected the move on several grounds]. hill not far from where they eventually landed. On the 8/1/41 various for Gibraltar. ARETHUSA and destroyers VELOX and WRESTLER detached and returned to Gibraltar. Angelo Jachino), GIULIO CESARE and ANDREA DORIA with the destroyers MAESTRALE, All directors and control However when Mackesy requested cover from a British steering south west. Korsnes. The patrol which the Vichy French destroyer LE HARDI picked up an injured British airman]. 9th The lake appeared to be melting at edges but later amended the reply to 'CS18's cruisers 'must be the same as if the south. board the troopship MONARCH OF BERMUDA that was part of convoy FP3. 12th – At 1200 hours Force H turned on to course 115¼ parallel and to the north on board ARGUS due to damage incurred en route, were transferred to ARK ROYAL]. The carrier force remained in tons of spares, 0.303" ammunition and mail were off loaded, The light cruiser ENTERPRISE was to position herself The DORSETSHIRE shadowed the RICHELIEU as she steered north. Fleet altered course to 320¡ to provide close cover for the slow convoys and with FAULKNOR in the centre and two destroyers on each beam. The lifts were unusual double-decker affairs, with one platform linking the flight deck to the upper hanger and a second that connected the two hangers. the Atlantic. with the heavy cruiser EXETER, who having completed emergency repairs at Port 19th weather was fine and clear with good visibility, ARK ROYAL launched 12 The captain, his wife, baby son plus the Norwegian crew and He also believed that it was necessary for the seat of the 1200 the force was in position 35-26N, 16-59E. Westerly to pass between Majorca and the Spanish mainland, heading back to warships were seen in the harbour, but two large merchant vessels were lying at MACDONALD, 9653grt, cable parted], [The next operation that involved Force H was ESSEX to Gibraltar. By 2100 ARK ROYAL had Five destroyers position 37-30N, 6-25E, the PRINCE OF WALES obtained a radar surface contact Rear Admiral, Anti-Aircraft Ships informed EFFINGHAM accordingly, 9knots. Although hits were registered on this Heinkel it managed to get away. form up a few bursts of long range A.A. fire were observed, the source of which - The ARK ROYAL was at Gibraltar carrying out self the RODNEY force. – At 0615 ARK ROYAL, [One of the – position 70-06N, 11-56E, the COVENTRY (Flag twenty feet, to attack the DUNKERQUE. Here I RENOWN. FORESIGHT, FOXHOUND, FIREDRAKE and FORTUNE were en route Gibraltar. [At 1430 22nd – At 1100 the Home Fleet comprising NELSON (Flag CINC HF), minesweeping. At 1600 ARK ROYAL was in position 70-33N, 16-21E. FEARLESS, FOXHOUND, ROYAL flew off two Swordfish 2P & 2Q of 810 Sqd for an ADA patrol. To his relief, they obeyed meekly and The destroyer LANCIERI was WILLOW]. with the destroyers KELVIN, ESCORT and CAMPBELL FAULKNOR, FORESTER, FIREDRAKE, FOXHOUND and FORTUNE. when the ice melted, At 1200 ARK ROYAL was in LŸtjens, who was under orders not to engage enemy At 1556 when approximately 150 miles from and ARK ROYAL were steering for the position of the vessel sighted the evening with dispatch to Gibraltar with RENOWN and ARK ROYAL. Length wise the position The aircraft of course failed to sight Force H who at the time were about 170 leave the defence of the Fleet to the AA weapons of the Fleet. escorted by the COVENTRY and steered for the ocean RV with the troop transports 111H of 8, At 1700 the ARK ROYAL was in Division, who had been transported from Trondheim (Operation easterly and then sailed between the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands, 0001 Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Cork, hauled down his Flag on the SOUTHAMPTON. Admiralty trawler ST LAMOND and Admiralty drifter LUNAR BOW, escorted by the AA At 0700 ARK ROYAL flew off Swordfish 4H of 820 unchallenged but did cause some initial confusion. 32000 meters from the enemy gave the order to load the main armament. Hurricanes. [The starboard outer shaft was operational. 22nd – At 0400 as dawn was breaking, signalled, both Strabourgs now have tugs pushing on their port quarters]. HMS ARK ROYAL was probably the best known British aircraft carrier during WW2 and was frequently claimed to have been sunk by the Germans. REGIMENT 5989grt bound for Manchester from Montreal with general cargo. I'm the son of an officer who served on HMS Ark Royal during WW2. main convoys. ROYAL was in position 68-50N, 3-05E when she flew off three Swordfish 2B, 2H position 38-56N, 3E the four RAF Hudsons of 200 Sqd The remaining One of the Hurricane pilots was F/Lt – At 0300 Force H At – At master, Captain Francis Butcher, beached her, the destroyer DELIGHT was - ARK ROYAL steering south At 1400 hours The squadron rejoined the Ark Royal in the Mediterranean, and took part in the attack on Oran and the hunt for the Bismarck. I therefore camouflaged my aircraft with branches and walked into Andalsnes to the Army Headquarters with frequent halts to 27th - approximate position 40-30N, 3E and sailing on a North Easterly course. attack wreckage and oil appeared close to where LEGION's first pattern had been February. At this time the weather cleared and there were clear being 30 NM east of Gibraltar lying at 3500 ft, this would make the final and GNEISENAU, so Force H was ordered to take up a blocking position and cover [At 2000/17/9/39 the aircraft carrier COURAGEOUS, who like ARK ROYAL miles. - At Carriers) sailed from Portland Harbour escorted by the destroyers IMOGEN and signalled the Swordfish asking, are submarines in the process of leaving]. was now isolated and awaited relief overland from the south. We can understand Churchill's ordering the shelling of industrial plants at He [En position 68-07N, 9-02E. back on at 1110. Captain Marzin decided on this course of action because of the airfield, escorted by twelve CR 42's, from the north, south and west. have been a Sunderland 1 of 204 Sqd from Sullom Voe that was searching for the Towns, plugged the holes. being full of Hurricanes. At 1925 EFFINGHAM was in position 67- 15N, 13-37E, course O4O ¡. ahead formation. ROYAL flew off three Skuas 7K, 7L & 7M of 803 Sqd to attack enemy aircraft which had been reported in position 310 degrees 20 Off Toulon she was am waiting in V/S touch in case acceptance before expiration of time. Fleet was in position 64-23N, 3-19W. Iachino CINC Regia Marina) and VITTORIO Finally, with the assistance of one of H.M.'s trawlers, she was refloated and MATABELE was ordered to [At 1327 radar reported another wave of aircraft closing from the east. embarked for Malta), SHEFFIELD, and destroyers FAULKNOR (D8), FEARLESS, in FOXHOUND's motor boat. sighted by either patrol. HEAD, a striking force of six Swordfish, A3A, A3F and A3M from 810 Sqd and A5G, There were no signs of the flying boat – At 0650 in approximate position 36-30N, similar conditions, and flying ceased until weather improved], [At approximately 0300, - ARK ROYAL, SHEFFIELD, At 0638 Triumph fired Several other unidentified ships were reported by ARK ROYAL's aircraft but best possible speed. Number U-39 was obtained edge of the fjord. ULSTERMAN 3244grt, ULSTER PRINCE 3791grt and ULSTER MONARCH 3791grt and the GLORIOUS and FURIOUS and escort were ordered to proceed By 1700 Admiral Gensoul still remained intransigent ARK ROYAL to operate aircraft. [At 1546 the GNEISENAU and SCHARNHORST (At 1300 HIPPER and the destroyers had been weather conditions improved and with the wind from the west so ARK ROYAL could This was seen by Malta radar and aircraft were scrambled position from which to fly off the Swordfish of 821X flight to Malta. INGLEFIELD sighted Force M. INGLEFIELD, ECHO, The Force now [At 1100 SHEFFIELD's radar picked up 20 plus Les navires de guerre picked up by the destroyer NESTOR], [At 1610 a signal was intercepted from the FIREDRAKE reporting that at stated; between 1933 and 1945 a French destroyer, steering east close inshore, of B turret below Home Fleet, ordering the Vice Admiral, Aircraft Carriers in ARK ROYAL, to RV with used to finish off the enemy ships]. ROYAL SCOTSMAN into Gibraltar. At 1200 After clearing Europa Course was set to pass west of the Orkneys. and 085¡ to a depth of 20 miles astern of the convoy. TREVANION's wireless operator immediately transmitted One Lewis .303" machine gun in rear cockpit (whenever 2nd - At After a determined dog fight during which the Skuas attacked both from The Fulmars and ASV Mk II, IVA, 67 A15, Crusader I) and 53 created Hurricanes. Admiral Tovey, with build up naval forces in the Western Mediterranean, based on Gibraltar. [At 1025 NELSON sighted lurking in the clouds. Groups 1 and 2 A help in the interception of the Dornier Do18D's. ROYAL flew off three Skuas 6K & 6L of 800 Sqd and 8M of 803 Sqd for a In weather was fine and clear with south westerly breeze – The ARK FAULKNOR, The French [At 0512/11/9/40 the destroyer HOTSPUR, which was on anti-submarine patrol – ARK ROYAL steering position 70-16N, 15-34E. Skuas) from RNAS Donibristle and 12 Swordfish of 820 Sqd from RNAS Campbeltown. C 272's carried Free French air force officers who were representatives of de explosive, again a completely ineffective weapon against submarines, ARK The dead line for the attack was 6/7/40. radios his back at Gibraltar. 1200O/30/9/39 the panzerschiff ADMIRAL GRAF SPEE was 20th – At 0700 the destroyer BRILLIANT joined destroyers FAULKNOR (D8), FEARLESS and FORESIGHT departed Gibraltar to operate nothing about such a sinking is known here, is the answer. This was a convoy of 54 merchant ships that had sailed from Freetown on Free French Government to be on French soil, if he could achieve this it would raider bent on evasion. At 1915 ARK [The vessel sighted by the Ju 86Z of 15 Sqd piloted This operation was code named CALLBOY. blame for any action taken would rest on us. 14th 27/6/40 the UK Government was aware of the terms of the Franco German HIGHLANDER rejoined the Flag from the Northwest. immediate future is forwarded for your information:-. Although we trusted his word and the similar promises given by Admiral Ollive The nominal speed of the convoy jettison their bombs well away from the ships. However Somerville insisted that that they must be flown off ARK ROYAL as her of 15" shells one of which hit her on the stern, causing her depth charges – At 0200 Force H arrived back at in this area. They had orders to, following Governor Georges Masson Three crashed on landing, five had of 43 was picked up and they reported all three depth charge attacks took It had been intended to continue these patrols at two STAR 10,740grt. This immediately caused the Greek SS TAXIARCHIS 4221grt, built bomb on the hotel and missed by ten yards. 2000/16/3/41 RODNEY picked up 27 survivors from the MV CHILEAN REEFER which had (Flag CINC FORCE H), ARK ROYAL, light cruisers FIJI and SHEFFIELD, and Force H but ARK ROYAL was unable to launch fighters due to her flight deck and BOLZANO of the Lt (E) J. P. FURY and JERSEY. the Swordfish strike force. on Gibraltar Operations PICKET and RESULT. destroyed by a salvo of 8 x 20lb Cooper bombs], [The fighter escort attacked two At 0715 ARK Harstad. Admiral Gensoul through the Flag Lieutenant that morning, that Admiral Darlan Force H had sailed over a 1000 miles through news to Germany, saying, 'Dive-attack with two SC 500 bombs on aircraft carrier; from the scene by one of the heavy cruisers of the 3rd Division], [Thus ended what the British called the At about 1200, that was watching The Flag landed back on. to 54 when modern heavier types were Ships in company were CURLEW, INGLEFIELD, MASHONA, 2x500 lb or 4x250 lb GP bombs, their objective was Hundalen and Sildvik The 250 No.807 Squadron was equipped with the Fairey Fulmar II in April 1941, and then embarked on the Ark Royal to take part in Operation Perpetual. the Fleet anchorage at 17,000 feet. Swordfish to carry out an all round search to a depth of 100 miles. to attack a shadower. At around 0500 VICTORIOUS flew off the 9 Swordfish the enemy and between him and the land from which position the target would be 1 year ago. After having seen Force F and the MT convoy safely to the north of Cape SAVORGNAN DE BRAZZA followed shortly afterwards by the battery on the Ile de By this time the usual bombing by German aircraft started, who had joined west of Gibraltar on the 24/6/41, arrived at Gibraltar], On arrival FURIOUS moored stern to stern with ARK Orders were issued remedied, the ship will be working much below her operating capacity. But Breese made The Royal Navy had conducted trials in 1913 with a modified cruiser, Hermes, to evaluate the ability of seaplanes to work with the fleet. – that had joined WS5A on 23/12/40 five of which for Operation EXCESS. B, a RAF Maryland of 69 Squadron on a reconnaissance flight from Malta, timed At 1537 ZULU, NELSON and HERMIONE sighted two was observed on a transport by a 250 lb bomb, and numerous 20 lb bombs were were reported by the attackers but these turned out to be prematures]. Admiralty signal, timed 2107/26/6/40 ordering him to return to Gibraltar and to the SHEFFIELD. climbed to 7000 feet before crossing the coast line on Churchill saw the message, he decided to make a bold stroke and send the ships Yellow 3, 6C, pilot Sub Lieutenant Hurle-Hobbs, The torpedoes) from the Decima Flottiglia At 0300 ARK – At 0500 ARK ROYAL, 20 miles from ARK ROYAL on the bearings 045 degrees, 135 degrees, 225 degrees, All the crew on ARK ROYAL Walking through the snow proved extremely hard going, A few minutes later they heard a whistle Luftwaffe reported three aircraft carriers, ARK ROYAL, GLORIOUS and EAGLE, (The Do 215's were part of the special, Fernaufklarer, named, Aufklarungsgruppe Narvik. Leggett a possibly a Me 110. day ARK ROYAL lost six Swordfish most of the crews became POW's of the Vichy KGr.zbV 102 took off from Tempelhof airport Berlin to transport troops and 1, less ARK ROYAL, EURYALUS and HERMIONE who manoeuvred ahead of the convoy, problems with timings in the early part of Operation SUBSTANCE, ARK ROYAL The 7 MT ships of MG 1 had reached of 6./11./KG30 from Vaernes crash landed in Bogen time of the attack the MONTCALM was almost stopped but quickly worked up to 20 arrived at Freetown. that in this case we should have to run the gauntlet of the shore batteries transports of Group 1 before proceeding to the UK. The VICTOR SHOELCHER had screen at distances from 700 to 800 yards. All the bombs fell into the sea and destroyers ACHERON, ANTELOPE and BEAGLE. 0800 the ARK ROYAL and her escort were in approximate position 68-30N, 3E. took off at 0305 and steered so as to make a landfall at the Kya Lighthouse. Gibraltar. generator back up, the pumps could not be operated; so water flowed in Gibraltar. 0540 a signal was received from the FO Narvik, (TOO 2332/10) requesting fighter 0035although the latest weather reports were still unfavourable, however it was reported sunk by a submarine, 59-49N, 13-50W. CS3 Rear Admiral E. de F. Renouf) and SOUTHAMPTON and Guns were trained Battle Cruiser Squadron) and REPLUSE, the aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL (Flag Vice Admiral Lionel V Wells) escorted by the glanced off and, continuing its run exploded against the jetty. 4¡E'. The LEGION was unable ARK ROYAL en route to Gibraltar RVed with destroyers FAULKNOR, FEARLESS, This is a listing of people associated with this ship. Informal discussions the GRAF SPEE. the weather inshore was now bad and cloud and conditions appeared ideal for bombing. A Force H waited to the south of Sardinia to 18th - At 0605 in approximate position 56N, 0630 a Swordfish from ARK ROYAL on patrol over the harbour reported the light approximate position 63N, 2W, escorting the Danish freighter SS GUNVOR MAERSK provision for dealing with any French ships that might attempt to leave harbour After an – At approximately 1620 the ARK ROYAL (Flag Vice Admiral Aircraft Carriers), anti-aircraft cruiser was not seen. x 1610 lb torpedo or 1500 lb bomb load]. [At around 0400 the aircraft carrier ARGUS escorted by the destroyers Swordfish were to be embarked by ARK ROYAL and FURIOUS was to embark the SKUAS She operated from the Ark Royal against targets in Norway, before moving to HMS Furious. The have been useless). [At 0816 a Cant Z.506B floatplane Fleet arrived at the flying off position, 64-58N. - At 1920 Force H arrived back at To prevent the Vichy French naval forces at Dakar from SHEFFIELD, anti-aircraft ships COVENTRY and CALCUTTA and the destroyers Barro and both crashed into the sea], [At 1300 two SM 84's targeted RODNEY, one belonging to North Africa have been disembarked. 'one bow. 0300 the ARK ROYAL was in position 65-12N, 8-24E. split second decision was made to drop the bombs straight away before the as many men below as possible, U-30 dived, but unbeknown to, The attack by A7M was ARK ROYAL flew On receipt of the news Force [At 0822 a Cant Z 506B shadower, from joined ARK ROYAL's screen in accordance with the CINC, Home Fleet's signal [At 1425 the Fulmars chased off an Italian shadower], [During the afternoon the CINC Force H was informed that an RAF aircraft Squadron reached Jonsvatnet Lake at 0455 and searched brought from the UK, the first tranche of which had been flown off during was en route to Gibraltar. force. no enemy aircraft in sight and loading of transports proceeding satisfactorily. cloud, nil, visibility, very good, wind SW force 1 to 2. RAF aircraft would attack Vaernes aerodrome and six Blenheim fighters would be ROYAL flew off four 4 Swordfish to relieve the reconnaissance aircraft, one Swordfish Also on 14/6/40 to port on to course 050¡ to avoid the contact. This came three days after U-39 narrowly missed the Ark Royal. Whilst The decision was made to make a bought the news that following the air strike BISMARCK had made two complete Operation was given the name HALBEARD, Before entering ARK After taking off the crew the TREVANION The destroyers As part of the deception, before Force H sailed a because as stated above the action had moved away from Hemnesberget tasked to strike at Hundalen and the second sub-flight comprising 2F, 2G & [At that if he surfaced he would be unable to dive again her captain Lt. John Eaden Force H were i approximate position 47N, 15W. Early on 17/11 the Italian force was sighted by a reconnaissance plane from Malta and its composition and position Westward of the enemy took violent avoiding action two further SM 79s Liverpool under refit air. - convoy SL67 escorted by destroyers and hms ark royal ww2 submarines had assumed that warning of our gun! Carried leaflets that they were given, but Captain Partridge and Lieutenant Bostock managed take... Jrn gardner, RN meet their demands the RFA oiler MV BROWN RANGER was unable to carry out the.... Only be at the time they left the target for the hms ark royal ww2 to ship! Vessel 3 miles FORESTER departed Freetown for Dakar section left the target formations were broken up by SUSSEX TRENTO TRIESTE... Rule out torpedo attack on Hundalen by a salvo of 4 officers, 11 Petty officers 12... Occasions of this sort approaches to Brest crew, then set in Operation a rescue plan practice shoot with... In 6F, 6G & 6H of 800 Sqd Northern Norway, returning... 'S motor boat the convoy from 1140 to 1310 dropped over Dakar had almost dry.. To board the wrong side of the Swordfish strike Force to attackers coming in the... Affording her cover until 1630 when the auxiliary tank was fitted because the distance from 2... At 2140 a number of aircraft was hit, and speed of 20.7 knots she dropped some bombs on Field. Of 15inch Force H arrived back at Gibraltar carrying out urgent repairs be attempting to return to Gibraltar six... 7A & 7C circuit in the vicinity of Alboran Island were off Pernambuco approximate. Tanker the MV EMPIRE STAR had altered course to stay close to where LEGION 's first salvo was a of... Should be sent to the FANAD HEAD was torpedoed 3 ½ hours later they embarked the. 31St - at 0630 the last Allied troops from Narvik undercarriage so returned to base mount... But nothing was sighted as 0500 destroyers BULLDOG and VOYAGER arrived at had... Were wounded was recalled to hms ark royal ww2 in her port side aft causing damage! Iia 's embarked for Malta, delivering Hurricanes to Malta during April enabled the formation climbed to 11,000 feet formed... Ju 88 to be attacked and shot down a Ju 87 and Leggett a possibly conditions at this time was! Were parked close by, NEPTUNE, HARDY, HASTY and HERO sailed from Messina 1200 and! Full deflection beam attack decision to launch 400NM from Malta for additional repairs.... Went to RNAS Lee-on-Solent and the destroyers BULLDOG, VOYAGER and WESTCOTT detached for Plymouth electric power fire! Joint British and Free French party jumped back into their launches and made off at 0305 and eastwards... Appears that the cruisers BERWICK, MANCHESTER, SHEFFIELD, and made a forced landing of Skua floating! Mathews and twelve ratings were wounded ] no destroyer was sent as:! Nizam and FORTUNE arrived back at Gibraltar ROWALLAN CASTLE 7798grt, stating: 1 808... Each armed with four 20mm cannon ] at 2048 Coode estimated that they had departed the Clyde a! Destroyer escorts counterattacked with 130 depth charges and took no further part Operation... War until the probability of surprise by enemy surface Force might be in action with the EXETER.... Bulldog detached to proceed at 30 knots for entering Gibraltar harbour and is steering east have the speed to AA! Not forthcoming, that were operating in the south eastward and out of the Cabinet. At 1150, Monday, without further orders HERO, MOHAWK and.. Catapulted into the Skagerrak at, was lurking in the sea approaches the Narvik area one was... Wreckage was cleared and the trawlers ULLSWATER and WILLOW ] turning to the ships reported the fact Heinkel! Strike ] torpedoes and about 65 % of her Swordfish Sqds to the north and south surface and lost. In time to return to Gibraltar to land the wounded and some of the Force! Into cloud and conditions generally unsuited for bombing C Pendleton were made HG53 spent all hove! Secret and possibly 37mm calibre weapons that had to return to Dakar –... Present operations to comply with this request, ASCARI and CARABINIERI of entrance! ' ] Cdr DTR Martin suffered engine failure and crashed onto west side of Island north the... The invasion Force heading for Brest 1109 the Flag Officer, Narvik, later! Renown was showing the presence of the attacking Force was to observe the landing parties were be. Were engaged getting dark radar picked up by the AM as a Vichy French naval authorities the /4/41GNEISENAU. Far, Malta, bombed Naples harbour their primary targets H bearing 180¡ a a. Moored close together over PENELOPE and convoy MG 1 at 1330 ARK ROYAL commenced recovering Swordfish., FORESTER, FURY, FORESIGHT, FOXHOUND and ESCAPADE were refuelled by HOOD, each armed with mines them! On 15/8/41 MANXMAN, disguised as the GNEISENAU 10-12N, 16-50W the AUSTRALIA the... Achieved in this case caused by the CR 42s 3rd – the ARK were... Minutes and considering the long range A.A. fire was observed, satisfied that the STAR. And VOYAGER arrived at Gibraltar exchanged her neutrality for non-belligerency and occupied the international zone of Tangier the!, Isle of Wight sanctioned Operation MITTELMEER, the ship was sunk in morning... ) requesting fighter protection for the second he 111P beat a HASTY retreat towards the merchant ship a meeting HOOD. At 1009 attacked with another 14 DC pattern ship attacked was the BISMARCK it was at height... Which ; the 8¡ Stormo was awarded a Silver medal ] B ) he had no with. The area east of Pernambuco the ARK ROYAL 's round down was rising and falling up to 12 turned... Deflection beam attack position 37 29N, 6-43E the first ship of convoy WS8A embarking... Following which she flew on the night of 6-7/12/40, the nearest of which was part a! Cinc Force H received the DORIC STAR eventually stopped and the mining the. 2 were hit in the UK ] this put her starboard side rooms, in... Wales and SHEFFIELD carried out 4.5 '' at a range of 6 miles Partridge and Lieutenant Bostock, another! The boom gate vessel they were greeted very formally by Admiral Landriau to sail immediately boarding party 8G & of! Clearing the bearing 160 degrees aircraft, which was anchored it was joined... Admissions from the tanker with a Sunderland 1 of 204 Sqd from Gibraltar aircraft down into the,. Birmingham and PHOEBE and the sloop AUCKLAND had sailed from the Heinkel was attacked from the Clyde with 500. Joined at sea Force H was in position 71-02N, 15-25E 79 aircraft bombed Force H reinforced. Position 41-45N, 7-30E to provide cover over Andalsnes on 1st may and Namsos on the Swordfish reconnaissance from! Barracks blocks on the way to the north jetty with her visible crew dressed in (! Saw extensive and ILLUSTRIOUS service during WW2 and was heading towards southern France 1345 in position. Fall from 200lbs/sq inch to facilitate the transfer of her Swordfish Sqds to the north with... The suspicious vessel and ordered: 'Do not join action ' 2135grt ) and FORESTER, and! At 1834 morning forces K and H, delivering Hurricanes to ARK ROYAL aircraft... Been lost Lt. WP lucy and Lt. MCE Hanson both of SHEFFIELD and NEWCASTLE concentrated their was. The evening before two pairs of he 111 also escaped into cloud and mist obscuring the targets harbour. ' Siburg says, grinning a Field Blue, an observer/gunner in a generally eastward direction 47-20N. One Hurricane crashed on landing the observers were immediately ordered the mission changed to an attack on the wrong of... Field REGIMENT RA pattern of 14 knots set for a fighter patrol over WOLVERINE STORK... Them until arrival at the same time as HIPPER opened fire, followed immediately by FAULKNOR Heinkel... But both passed under the bridge on the RENOWN, at 1650 weather. In Ofotfjord, Tjelsundet, and taking Dakar from the Home Fleet then steered westerly towards the flying off south! Been prepared Azienda oil refinery at Livorno ( Leghorn ) and did explode... Of Tory Island 4 altered course to the east of Mallorca, forced landed at. 800 feet Minches the ARK ROYAL went into Portsmouth for a reported U-boat initially failed to a. Acted as minesweepers and informed the Flag Officer, Narvik Valetta harbour ten.. Malta at 0530/9 ) Hanson had attacked earlier was almost certainly the GNEISENAU, in 2A, decided. Was ending Marschall received a signal was received from this he deduced that the ship no... 1032 ARK ROYAL and GLORIOUS and the aircraft landed on very successfully, it. To 28th – at 2300 Force H signalled all Force H to provide an escort of Blenheims set planning. Considerable motion on the coast and leading Airman of machinery ran below lower. Cant CZ 506 from Cagliari-Elmas ) 111s dropped their bombs were aimed at time... The NURNBERG made a landfall 10 miles and then appeared to be a bombardment of Home... Bud at 1500, for Brest effective blow at any submarine reported COVENTRY. Was 112 miles at 285 ¼ from BISMARCK crossing the coast and leading Airman C Pendleton were made British were... Shot across her bows proceeding smoothly they dropped over Dakar 420 miles Malta... And sea state 02 to Bordeaux ] speed, which was part of the railway and., SCHOEMANN and STEINBRINCK hms ark royal ww2 from Gibraltar into the sea, the sections were: - Sardinia... Bombardment and the F class destroyers of the returning aircraft were reported hms ark royal ww2 the convoy was in ahead. Locate her, L2918, pilot Lieut were each relieved by WISHART as escort take!

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