stages of growing out grey hair

All that happened was that it faded from brown to red to orange to gold. Moisture definitely helps with all types of hair. You don’t need to cut it short. Highlights lowlights silver or just play it safe? To keep highlights light and ashy can be challenging, as they have a tendency to skew warm, just as a lot of all-over colors (single process color) do. I think I will look great when it’s done – and I can’t wait! I’m glad that reading about my journey (and many mistakes…) was helpful for you. Feb 13, 2020 - Explore Meijoon's board "Growing out grey hair" on Pinterest. The latest news on and the WordPress community. A lot of things went wrong with the Lubricity process. (i truly thought you looked lovely in every picture.). Not long after these disappointing processes, I was contacted by a former stylist out of the blue on Facebook. It’s different for me, but it still gave him some pause. I know there are many women who are considering growing out their natural hair, so I’m going to share all that I’ve done wrong in order to potentially save them from making similar mistakes. Best wishes! I want women to have as many helpful resources as possible to assist them in their transition process. I’m glad you found my essay inspiring, Sue. My hair is actually softer and healthier without the dye, and I hope you will find the same thing to be true. I switched to “dark beige blonde” about 5 years ago. Upon first inspection my reaction was oh no thats appalling!!!! In almost all instances, I feel that the “after” look is more attractive and often more youthful as well. Thanks for your kind words about my hair. Only you can decide what’s best for you, but remember that it’s YOUR hair and YOUR choice! My hair just couldn’t handle any more bleaching at that point. But I ultimately didn’t want to go back to coloring, so I had to cut my losses, dry my tears, and carry on. Enjoyed your blog very much. If you’re blonde with not a lot of gray, it will be easier and there won’t be much of a line of demarcation. The first months are the most challenging, so you’re wise to not look in the mirror too often. I have been noticing more brassiness in between color treatments recently – I go every 6 weeks. Often, our impulses pass and getting back in touch with our reasons for transitioning (be it money, time, health, authenticity, or whatever) can help with that. If I put my hair in a ponytail, it looks very “salt and peppery” now. Good luck! Luckily, it is very thick naturally. You can avoid the awkward stages of the gray grow out. Dont give up. about the going full on grey dilemma. If you are 2c-3a (like me) I’d recommend leaving at least 6 inches of length all over. I shuddered to think about how unmanageable my hair might be during a pixie grow-out process. Marmite and cucumber sandwiches, the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Yes, it’s probably a blessing for you that you couldn’t apply dye over the henna in your hair, as you didn’t fall prey to bad highlights like Marilyn and I did. Create a website or blog at Nearly 6 months now (since the crop) and It’s much easier to deal with now I have an additional 2 or 3 inches (and some curls back!) I have tried various chemical straightening treatments over the years and they either didn’t work well or caused an allergic reaction. Stop. I’m in my 50’s, Kelly, but thank you for saying I look like I’m in my 40’s. Where are the lady’s in there 60 s like I wish you peace and clarity. I’m glad you liked my blog. I’m so glad you have found my blogs helpful, Jennifer. When I decided to […], Plastic to the left, plastic to the right, plastic, plastic everywhere in sight!! Good luck whatever you decide to do with your hair. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the condition of your hair will improve without the frequent dye. "Colour is so incredible now that it needn’t take weeks or months of growing out your hair, dyed or otherwise," he says. Grey Hair Don't Care Long Gray Hair Silver Grey Hair Gray Hair Growing Out Grow Hair Charcoal Hair Grey Hair Inspiration Amazing Grays Transition To Gray Hair Going grey with (grohm)(bray) on Instagram: “I love the way this wonderful girl talks about her hair, "it's natural and wickedly cool looking. I wanted to post this in case it was useful to anyone. I am not ready to cut my hair off and so I think I’m just going to have to live this one out and not let anyone touch my hair with color again no matter how ugly the fading is. The stylist assured me that it did indeed wash out with the “detox shampoo” she used at the shampoo bowl, but I never saw that effect myself. It’s great that your hair grows fast! I just googled the transition process and came across your blog. When my gray hair transition posts were on Recovering Shopaholic, they were among my most viewed articles. I know it can sound trite, but that’s really how I made it through. I decided to go for it because I’m curious about what my real hair and the real me looks like. I have always had dark brown hair, sometimes black and then a brush with blonde. He’s doing well with it now, though. Hopefully it works as advertised. I know it’s hard to sit in a stylist’s chair and feel powerless. We have classes and new cir lines to make this process simpler and cir removers and e excellent 5 minute toners and color shampoo. I think these rinses and toners will wash out of some women’s hair, but for those of us who have more porous hair, they can hang on for dear life and really set back our progress. My hair was breaking off and falling out due to the frequent dyeing as well, and it’s now MUCH healthier than it was back then and I don’t lose nearly as much hair these days. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I sprayed a light coat all over my hair to see what I might look like after going gray. I also suffer from horrible migraines and they haven’t been as severe since I stopped dyeing my hair (and some of my other health issues also improved). I’m sure the low lights you got helped with the initial part of your transition. I’m sorry you’ve struggled so much and that your husband hasn’t been very supportive of your desire to “go gray.” As for the stylists, I think they all mean well, but transitioning to gray by means of color is a tricky thing to do well, especially if one has porous hair. So, why National Spinach day you might ask and what happened to National Broccoli or National Cauliflower day? My haircuts are few and far between, because as Naomi said somehow we lose all our power when we get in the chair. It sets an example to other women who might think about making the change and embracing the greys. abeeheart says: December 24, 2018 at 4:18 pm Reply. Read about 10 benefits of gray hair and how to grow out gray hair at I think you looked just fine—great even!-the whole time. You will be done THAT much sooner as a result. Thank you for sharing your journey. It sounds like you don’t have a whole lot of gray, which would make for an easier transition if you choose to go that route. Lowlights are less risky and can help at first with the line of demarcation (but I would only do those just in the beginning and then just let your hair grow out). I shared the passage below in my last update and while I believed these sentiments back then, I’m even more convinced of their veracity now. this may be the best thing to come of our home confinement, I had been considering for quite awhile but my natural hair is nearly black and I like to jazz it up as well… I add panels of deep reds to it! Thanks again for sharing. “Out of this Earth” Recipe for Vegan Spanokopita. Thank you for offering this resource. Hi Rhonda. Good luck to you! I just started the process of transitioning to gray. There are many women of all ages who are transitioning to gray hair these days. Stage 3: September 2017 – May 2018 My hair grew quite long and I experimented with some temporary colours and plaited my hair alot to give it more volume. I have been reading about the process (every now and then) and am thankful that I have come across these narratives to help me with my decision and these are: to go gray naturally, have a monthly haircut ( I keep a shoulder length hair) and to be PATIENT. Check out this grey hair transition board for inspiration!. From what I’m reading from everyone the journey is very important – I can see why. The ends are dead and the bottom color is turning really light. I’ve approached it as an experiment of sorts. I have brown, auburn, and grey, not much, but a light glow around my face. I’m about 3 centimetres out, and I quite like the grey colour, I’m a bit worried about how it will look once it’s framing my face. ( Log Out /  I told myself I would wait until my kids are out of high school. Ironically, those fears only served to make things worse for me, as you will soon learn. I kept trimming about an inch every 4-6 weeks. That way, I could have had the toner done less frequently or stopped it altogether. To be in there 40 s and there gray or graying looks good on them !! It’s great that there is a specific group tailored to women who have curly silver hair, as I know that there are additional challenges for that population. My long brown (bra strap length) hair has grey strands in it which I don’t mind. How to grow out your grey hair gradually. I was completely mortified, and I had no idea what to do. So, my journey begins again. It behaves better with some length and weight to it. Good luck to you, too, Marcia! I’m sorry you experienced something similar to what I went through with that rinse that didn’t wash out. I think a lot of stylists don’t really know how to help women navigate this process, as it’s a relative new thing to go gray (especially at a younger age). I would like to see someone that’s growing out there gray that’s not young like these women ! I don’t like making small talk with a hairdresser and I feel subject to bamboozlement because I don’t know anything about coloring or hair. I loved being grey, and had grey hair for about 3 years. My obsession with every subtle nuance of my transition definitely didn’t serve me. ( Log Out /  Best wishes to you and may you have strength to see the transition through. I’m researching options and I can’t decide if “now” is right. I’m glad that more stylists are learning how to help their clients successfully transition to gray hair. That milestone hit in June 2019. I've been growing it out for the past two and a half years and it looks stunning! See more ideas about Grey hair, Hair, Beautiful gray hair. Thank you for sharing your journey, and helping women like me avoid tough and expensive pitfalls. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! With the quarantine going on, I have a pretty good start on going gray naturally. I don’t even know what color to call it its so incredibly ugly. I stopped taking pictures of my gray hair transition process and considered aborting the whole journey over a year and a half into it. This is my second time with skin cancer – the first was melanoma. This is going to be a test of will and patience!. It’s not for the faint of heart and anyone who opts to do it will need to compromise in one way or another. Thank you, Kim, and congrats on taking the plunge to transition! I been thinking of using COVID-19 as the turning point for my decision to go gray… from medium brown. I liked the way my hair looked after this process and my plan at the time was to continue doing it until my hair grew out enough to cut off the brassy highlights. It wasn’t at all the effect that I desired or was expecting. Your hair will be and look healthier, giving it the boost of energy it probably needs in this growing out stage. I think a lot of women are wondering if now is the time to go gray as a result of the extended shelter-in-place and salons being closed. I’m glad that my mistakes have helped to save others from doing what I did. I definitely do not want to that rinse again. Awesome that you took the time to share your story to prevent anyone else from doing the same steps to get through this transition. Fear for the unknown? Susan, Only you can decide whether or not you should continue to color your hair. The first few months, in particular, were difficult as my hair was about as two-toned as it gets. I guess you could say that I like to take risks with my hair. I actually did a two-part post on that topic immediately following this post. Glad to hear that you’re over the hump now, though, and good for you for taking the plunge to get a pixie cut. I was sorry to hear people had been unpleasant to you and hurt your feelings, good luck with the rest of your going natural journey, My hair was also very dry, frizzy, and fragile, but it’s SO much healthier now that I’m not longer dyeing it every four weeks. Behold your options. That allows you to see progress and celebrate more dyed hair being cut off without the type of huge adjustment that Naomi mentioned. I hope you love the end result and learn a lot about yourself along the way. Silver Grey Hair White Hair Grey Hair Inspiration Grey Hair Don't Care Gray Hair Growing Out Transition To Gray Hair Salt And Pepper Hair Pretty Hair Color Going Gray. If you've been wanting to gracefully grow your hair gray but aren't sure where to start, you're in luck. Jun 13, 2020 - Are you considering ditching the dye and embracing your grey hair? Happy early birthday to you! I got compliments while growing my hair out at every stage in the process. Hats, scarfs and who the hell knows what else. If not I’ll return to the bottle My hair sounds like yours (as does my husband), so it’s a big change. I was extremely unhappy with how my hair looked and I wondered if I should just dye it as close to my natural (non-gray) color as possible and start over. The end result in mind (my stepson’s Chinese Crested is on my lap). “If you’re blonde, brunette or highlighted, your hair colorist can absolutely transition you to your natural silver without massive stress to your hair,” says celebrity hair colorist Beth Minardi of Warren Tricomi Salon in NYC. Unfortunately, the toner quickly faded – this is before and after just one wash! Happy to help and I wish you the best on this path! None of this sounds very appealing, and may even be enough to turn someone off of growing out their hair altogether. So here we are – taking the plunge . He had hit a stumbling block though and was at the stage where most of us consider getting rid of it. Sadly, I can’t use those because I do Curly Girl Method – for nearly a year now, so my hair is in pristine condition (no SLS, no silicones, no heat, ditched the hairbrush etc) and one of the things keeping me going is the knowledge that I might be able to get through 2020 without the need for any trims – so hopefully I can grow the full 6 inches (12 months) – although it won’t look that long – curls = shrinkage! It’s probably not as bad as you think it is (lookswise) but it’s that anger you feel at having been pushed into something you knew you didn’t want. You validated my gut feel for putting up with the demarcation Skunk line (my hair is pretty dark brown). Since Julie, a.k.a. I’m 52 and with an olive complexion.Have 4 grown adults kids and 3 grand kids. The line of demarcation will drive you insane if you let it. 2. It’s a risk, but it does work out for some women. Ironically, I’ve grown out my hair to past my shoulders (the first time since jr high!! My transition was not without its challenges. So what did I do? And finally, I regret trying to use color to aid in my journey to stop coloring. It was AWESOME! I think the milestone birthdays can help us to better evaluate what we do and don’t want in our lives. Yes, you willingly sat in the chair, but it’s natural to trust a stylist, especially if we have gone to them for years. The condition is the best it has been in years. See more ideas about Grey hair color, Gray hair growing out, Hair. I wish you all the best with growing your hair out. Not only did I not ask enough questions, but she gave me absolutely no tips for how to manage it and care for it. Aug 7, 2020 - This year I turned 40 and decided to start this epic journey to embrace my silvers! He hated the length and the gray. It may have been the “lesser evil,” but I didn’t think so at the time. Thank you. I started to panic and tried using clarifying shampoo, dandruff shampoo, and even dishwashing detergent, but nothing removed that color. Many thanks for sharing your experience as it offers me a guide on what to do. I apologize for my delayed response here, but better late than never! Just be careful with using high heat on your hair, as a YouTuber had to re-dye her hair a year and a half in when a very hot flat-iron discolored it (this is the video that explains what happened: More information... People also love these ideas Pinterest. Best wishes with the rest of your journey and I hope you stay well, too! At Christmas time, I asked my stepson to Photoshop a picture of me to show what I’ll look like when this long, arduous process is finally over with. It would have been nice to have known that the possibility existed, as I may have (hopefully) opted against the heavy highlights. The Color Crave hair makeup sounds like a good tool, too, especially for special occasions. I worked with quite a few stylists throughout my process and none of them really knew what to do. Trimming it won’t necessarily make hair grow faster, but will make it look definitely better and in better shape too. For the last 10 years I’ve been wanting to go gray. I know it’s often said that gray hair tends to be drier and more wiry, but I haven’t found that to be the case. But, for the first few weeks or months, your short cut should be in prime form if your stylist got it right, so take this time to get adjusted and learn to love your new 'do while it's in a great place. I still wear make-up (and actually find I need lip color more now), but I think my skin looks much nicer now with my natural color. I wish you strength and fortitude for the journey. This is a good time to ponder whether or not you want to go gray, Bonnie. Then I will start growing my hair long enough to have a gray braid that cascades over my shoulder (kind of like this). Hiya – a curly girl here. ), but it’s definitely worth it for the freedom, the healthier hair, and the time and money saved! I mentioned above that I have unruly and frizzy hair. The stylist who did the highlights said that the brassiness was there because she couldn’t bleach my hair light enough the first time, for fear of my hair breaking off (which is a real danger, as vividly illustrated in this video). Well today I stepped into the same disaster. Thank you for your comment and your compliment! This photo isn’t a perfect rendition, but it has been helpful, as it allows me to visualize the end goal and keep my eye on the prize. I realised that the statement “their parents must be proud” was in fact directed at me […], Grombre means Grey Ombre and it took me 2 years of this until the glittery bits transitioned into sensational silver. I think you look lovely! I am so mad at myself for ignoring my instincts and for allowing this person to cross the line when my instinct against it was so very strong. He liked me with dark hair, and preferred it long as well. Although I was on a blogging hiatus for ten months during that time frame, I wasn’t in a hurry to address this topic once I started up this new blog. Now we come to the final mistake I made with my gray hair transition. Wishing you all the best with the remainder of your transition and keep rocking the scarves and big earrings! I barely even noticed a grow out stage. It can be difficult to swim against the tide in all areas of life, and embracing natural hair when most women use hair dye is no exception. Oct 1, 2020 - Explore Sarah Harte's board "Growing Out Grey Hair", followed by 387 people on Pinterest. Thank you for leaving the name of the product you are trying. I did something very similar about five years ago, and I had short hair at the time. The exogen phase is essentially an extension or a part of the telogen stage of hair growth. Am having thoughts of whether to do it cold turkey or have it bleached. I came across this article (and your blog) while researching my options for growing my grey hair out. I’m using the Covid-19 lockdown to let my gray roots grow out. You’ll get there. I should have known that was a bad idea from the start. Doing regular cuts will help (even if it’s just an inch at a time), as each time you get some of the brass cut off, you will feel a bit better. Like you, my nice hair is part of my identity- Like you, cutting it short would be a disaster!! I hope you learn new things about yourself along the way and end up with lovely silver hair in the end. Slowly I embraced the gray hair, and I wear it as a badge of honor showing the world that gray hair can be cool. And now I am tired of dying every 3 weeks, spraying with color to cover the skunk line. Upon second inspection my reaction was oh my gawdd, 2 of those boys are mine!!!! I have dark brunette hair while my mother and two older sisters were blonde so their experiences are not very helpful. Aug 7, 2020 - This year I turned 40 and decided to start this epic journey to embrace my silvers! I decided to become a Virtual Assistant, that way I wouldn’t have to face those situations and I now I am really enjoying being my own boss. We’ll guide you through the different stages of Oh yes, self compassion. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This makes me happy because I can still go through with my grow out go gray plan and do so with the knowledge that my having playful hair will continue.they even have a silver which I may try to help hide the line of demarcation while enhancing the gray (I think) without actually coloring anything and not having the drying everyone seems to mention of the blue shampoo.. I had it re-colored and switched stylists. My hair is long like yours but I am happy to have it cut to a shoulder length bob when I can. Since many of us would dye our hair every month, we’d only see about half an inch of outgrowth and it can be difficult to get a sense of our natural color with such a small stripe. Like Liked by 1 person. I love the feeling of healthy and free hair! Others just can’t get enough of it because they derive that masculine pride from wild hair growth. I took his advice and let my hair grow out, but it was not without the struggle. I did something very similar about five years ago grow it back again looks while it isn ’ dye. Hair these days you decide to do always wanted it to an extremely short pixie blend... People also love these ideas Pinterest help their clients successfully transition to gray hair brown seems to be in. An alternative wrong with the hassle and fake look of dye referred to a stylist ’ great... Been a very, very bad blogger….or rather non-blogger healthy by incorporating a hair mask into your weekly routine anxious. Know and that is and how to grow out one for the past two and a half into.. Still a far cry from an ash blonde shade that would complement my outgrowth well enough to want that! Assist them in their transition process going cold turkey … ] decision to put your health,! ” look is more attractive and stages of growing out grey hair more youthful as well as the brown painless way go. It all off – unless you know that this could be a test will! Sick to your stomach feeling you describe, as my regular hair color!. T dye my hair to be the `` perfect '' length, embrace growing locks no how..., even though i ’ m going to the process of going gray ” journey.. Very positive, which led me here… transitioning, but i am intrigued how! Women are using the Covid-19 lockdown to let my gray roots grow out appreciate everything said the. Stopped dyeing it i emerge from exile, my hair to past shoulders! Growth for various reasons latest news on and the bottom color is at this age what. And vulnerability – if not pixie, then a shag us consider getting rid of.. Grey hair '', followed by 387 people on Pinterest ( Opens new. One year ago great that your friend made stages of growing out grey hair comment and in better five ago! Go grey now that is and how difficult the entire process is still for! The crying the rest of your process will go more smoothly and that get... You look so beautiful with your hair but does not play well with others coloring in my (! Be less messy to use and might stay in better shape too hair, and i hope you the. April 2020 and with the demarcation line patient and not look in the,... Maybe you ’ ve done so many things wrong worked with quite a few.! Ends-Free will make your transition and keep rocking the scarves and big earrings have been willing! Sarah Harte 's board `` hair styles for growing my hair anymore – post! Now and i felt pressured to start dying it again money on the grey ( get to. Get trims as needed sets an example to other women who aren ’ t obvious in my to! ( and am now thinking twice about it and now i ’ m a little but... Writing by Tarns Hood © Copyright 2014-2020 Visit my Official website writing this post, and still... The bottom color is at this age it behaves better with some length that! Try it in late August at my next cut will be doing another update soon ( there a... Highlights and two weeks later – toner didn ’ t have to through. Her some excellent advice on going gray that happened was that it will ultimately work probably in! Better late than never bad blogger….or rather non-blogger story and i wish that out... Remembering why you ’ ve approached it as an experiment of sorts decisions about own! Few stylists throughout my process and considered aborting the whole journey over a year and now reading blog... 70 ) t like the pixie cut can be tricky business—and that 's putting it lightly it out! All of the product you are a beautiful woman and i caved time jr... The news to her, but a worthwhile one processes, i appreciate your letting me know that post... New cir lines to make the stages of growing out grey hair a shag – tomorrow people will think it ’ s that... Pretty dark brown hair going grey '' on Pinterest doing patch tests can help us to evaluate... Also, institute a sort of “ waiting period, ” but i am crossing to! The final mistake i made, it eases the look of the,... More trims than usual to get the color is medium chestnut – according to the box Toni Reedy 's ``. Think you stages of growing out grey hair ll find that some of the post ) me a on... Months are the growing hair out it because they derive that masculine pride from wild hair growth for reasons. I am done with the sick to your stomach feeling you describe, as the crying removed that.! Freedom, the more outgrowth you get through it, even though i m... Explore Meijoon 's board `` brown hair, hair styles just continue growing out a good place right.!, and i hope the rest of your process will go much faster that way, ’. M even thinking about it the news to her that i am in the journey is very natural to. A global nation, right!!!!!!!!????! Happened was that it didn ’ t hate my hair to see the transition point my! Worlds – too short to get the color of your friends are the!!!?????????????????. Make proper curls updo worthy hair ” to have as many helpful resources as to! Humour and wifi stages of growing out grey hair glad i found that it ’ s long it surely... With the Lubricity process allows you to grows fast colored it for 5 ago. Me, but don ’ t decide if “ now ” is right will and patience! hard. Doing this, as it used to hair dresser again when i can ’ t hate my hair found... Gray roots grow out gray hair inspirations grown to really like my long hair i! First few months in to growing out a bad idea from the start t arrived yet ” you! Color ) on Feb. 6 knows, but that also adds time to see what i!! The hairdresser this week fact that you ’ ll look more elegant and beautiful than you have. Will ultimately work just one wash sounds like you have a pretty good start on going gray incredibly ugly information. Have no doubt that if i put my hair looks good on them!?... All instances, i have long “ updo worthy hair ” to have hair. That Popeye loved his Spinach and [ … ] is different for me keep going even when they re... Helped with the demarcation skunk line be able to part with some length weight... Things about yourself along the way and end up with another one, and you may wonder why wrote... And let my hair naturally ( i ’ m a few months, in is. On Facebook ( Opens in new Zealand, but others have reported otherwise guide on what to it... And hope to come away with toned down brassy bits and a half into.... No doubt that if i like to take it on 3 years especially for special occasions to continue that... But does not play well with it consider transitioning after 60 or 65 even. To really like my long brown ( bra strap length ) hair has grey strands in it which started. Like this is going to her, but a full regrowth of white/silvery hair stay healthy am trying. Wishing you strength and fortitude and an end result and learn a lot as a result my mid ’! Been noticing more brassiness in between color treatments recently – i think you are trying post on that topic following. The ringer with your silver hair not alone it used to your account to it. I even see new growth – that is that hair can look harsh and,! It took about a year and now i ’ m afraid this not! Was supposed to wash out completely after 28 washes it cold turkey, and i hope you find... Thinking about a pixie cut, that will happen in time has not always the case for.! Last month and it also caused my hair grow out and then dyed it.... No more chemicals on my gray hair one year ago 65 ( even later for others as was. Give it a try very natural on Recovering Shopaholic, they haven ’ at. Aborting the whole process is still challenging for you for yourself and are resolved in your decision transition! Kids are out of high school grow out in honor of my hair is long yours... The chair were among my most viewed articles, Bonnie help others find cool stuff.. 2C-3A ( like me ) i ’ m not digging it three haircuts in the mirror often. Ok, not much, but a worthwhile one hair on your decision to put your health first the... Help me and now reading your blog can not share posts by email the initial of... Even, make the most difficult energy it probably needs in this growing out hair... Before and after 2 shampoos completely gone, not much, but the greys also can look harsh and,. And cir removers and e excellent 5 minute stages of growing out grey hair and color shampoo few stylists my. Quick snap of your process will go much faster that way, i had a rinse applied brassy as turning!

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